Basic Website

Basic Website

Create and manage your site on a simple and intuitive interface.

Dyanamic Website
Plan BW1
Plan BW1
Webpages Development (Know More) 5
Days to Deliver 9
Revisions - Graphic + HTML 1
HomePage Banners 1
Responsive Web - Mobile & Tablet Support
Slider No
Banners For Inner Pages No
Banner of mobile No
Social Media Networking Linking *
Web Content On Add On Cost
Finding Free Images Related To Contents
Image Optimization
Dynamic Website
Search Facilities: Add a Cloud Search box to your site.
Themes Templets: Select from predesigned themes with different colors and fonts.
Logo: Add a logo to your site.
Copy a page: Create a new page by copying an existing page.
Add subpages: Add multiple subpages under any other page. 5 levels of subpages
Google analytics
Testing / Quality Check
One-time cost ₹ 18,000
₹ 27,000
Additional Per Page Cost ₹ 1200
One-time cost $ 240
$ 360
Additional Per Page Cost $ 20

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Team Work

Sales Team
Sales Team
Sales Team
Digital Marketing
Sales Team
Graphic - UI UX
Sales Team
Web Designer
Sales Team
Sales Team
Sales Team
  • Responsive design of the new themes. It provides a feature for the page preview rendered as it appears both on desktop and mobile devices, before the page final publication.
  • Drag and drop editing – page elements can be dragged-and-dropped, and arranged automatically on a grid layout.
  • Levels of permissions ("owner", "editor", and "viewer").
  • Support for embedding HTML and JavaScript.
  • Automatic multi-level menus.
  • Integration with Google Drive, Google Maps and more.
  • Design and edit a website layout.
  • Embed images, logos, documents, or videos.
  • Logo - fix size
  • Very limited styling options, no support for custom CSS.
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