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Hybrid email is nothing but using more than one email solution on the same domain. So this means you can use your existing email service like Google workspace with another email service like Microsoft 365 without changing your email address. Divide your organization's email users between two different email service providers; shift a part of your basic email users to another cloud-based email platform, while allowing your remaining management level users to continue using the email platform they are currently on or vice versa. There are many factors due to which companies use more than one email solution on one domain.


Split your mailboxes between premium users and normal users on the same domain name, with a full-featured email solution for the premium users on your existing email platform and a cost-effective email plan like our 10 GB Business Mailbox for your normal users. A 50-users company can save 40% by dividing its user into two different email solutions, compared to using anyone alone.


Migrate without fear:

Migrate your users from your current platform to another as needed. You may also migrate their whole email data to a new email service provider from your current email platform. You decide which employee uses their existing email platform and which employee you want to migrate to another.

Migrate without fear


Interchange the users between primary and secondary email providers as needed. This will reduce the license costs of expensive email service providers so the overall expenses of your organization can be decreased.


Why should I choose a Hybrid Email Solution?

You get all of the benefits of two separate email solutions without making any compromises. Mail flow and collaboration between the two sets of users are seamless. Hybrid Service is an extremely cost-effective and scalable solution and you will get all the support from Deep Technologies, not from multiple service providers.

We're now using Google Workspace / Microsoft 365 as our primary platform. Is it possible to go hybrid?

Yes, even if you presently host all of your emails on Google workspace or Microsoft 365, Hybrid hosting can be configured. For further information, please contact us.

Will you assist us in converting our existing email addresses to a hybrid solution?

Yes, we can perform an email migration for you from your current service provider to the new email provider that you choose with minimal cost. Please contact us for more information.

How does Hybrid Email Work?

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So how can two different email providers be set on one domain? It is simple; We split your user between two different email providers; to understand these better, suppose there are 5 users in Google workspace and 20 users in Microsoft 365 on the same domain. All emails will be delivered first to Google Workspace.

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Now, suppose If an external user sends an email to Microsoft 365 user then it first checks for the email address in Google workspace and if the system does not find the user; then it will auto deliver the email to Microsoft 365. We will set up the routing and provide support throughout the year.

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And if an internal user sends the email to the internal user but with a different email service, For example, Google Workspace user sends an email to Microsoft 365 user or vice versa, then also email will follow the routing rule created by us in Google workspace.

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