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Today, running a successful business online requires that you make Internet security a top priority. Customers need to feel confident […]

Why Your Website Maintenance is Necessary

A great business is reflected by a great website these days. Whether you want to do shopping or booking of any tickets, you would prefer to go online for everything. […]

Website Design and Development – Both Must Run Side-by-Side

Many people who don’t have any link to the web world, consider web designers and developers same. For them, both of these jobs are just creating a flawless website. But […]

Must Avoid Business Website Mistakes

The presentation of any website is very important, that’s a major factor in holding the attention of your visitors and making sales. The look of your site is important, because […]

11 Tips, to help you Decode the Color Scheme for your Website

“Color,” is “85% of the reason you purchased a specific product.” Color is a tricky thing.


Having the right color scheme for a website goes far in identifying a type of […]

Cyber threats a clear & present danger for online cos: Gartner

With an increasing number of businesses going digital, cybersecurity is a key challenge for companies going online. As smallest of start-ups and largest of companies move online, cybersecurity will have […]

Website Design & Development Trends in 2016

The web design that will prevail this year are just the refinement of the previous designs that have been dominating the web for past some years. These have always remained […]

WordPress Web Development Services at Deepit

Word press is a powerful semantic publishing platform where millions of websites are created by People. It started in 2003 as a typography of everyday writing. After that it became […]

Responsive Design Mistakes to Watch Out For

Everybody is riding the “responsive website design” wave. We all want it because we all understand the implications it has for our businesses. However, just as it’s important to take […]

Why Business Websites Fail and Few Solutions for a Successful Website

Website connects millions of people. We can share endless amount of information with the help of websites. The person behind the first website is supposed to be Tim Berners-Lee who […]

Why Should You Hire a Responsive Web Design Company?

Every task that earlier needed a PC or laptop, can easily be done with a smartphone today. For instance, with a few clicks and money transaction through your smart phone, […]

How to protect ecommerce website from hackers

According to Forbes, on an average 30,000 websites are being hacked every day. Of late hackers have set their sights on ecommerce websites. That is because access to information such […]

10 Magento Sequrity Tips You Should Follow


Create a complex password

This is one of the cardinal rules to be followed while running an ecommerce store. Being a Magento store owner you will have access to sensitive information. […]

6 Tips For Reducing Webpage Load Times

Long webpage load times aren’t just frustrating, they’re also bad for your online business. Users are more likely to navigate away from sites that take a long time to load. […]

10 Points to Remember When Making Your Website Responsive

Google also “recommends that webmasters follow the industry best practice of using responsive web design, namely serving the same HTML for all devices.” This means not having a mobile specific […]

Google Tops Search For Best Workplace Again!

For the fifth year running, internet giant wins top spot in survey carried out by ET and Great Place to Work Institute
From here on, if you google ‘India’s best company […]

Soon You can Buy Onions Online, Courtesy Reliance

Express grocery delivery to mark RIL’s e-commerce debut
Grocery will be the sharp edge of Reliance Industries’ e-commerce wedge. It plans to offer express deliveries of fresh fruit and vegetables to […]


Entrepreneurs are outsourcing support functions to others of their kind in a bid to start up faster and at a lower cost, find Harsimran Julka and Krithika Krishnamurthy
32,250 Number of […]

For the Phone, the Future is Big

Phone makers turn to bigger screens in a departure from past

Brian X Chen
Smartphones are going against one of the long-held rules in portable electronics, that smaller is better. Year […]

Malware attack hits thousands of Yahoo users

A malware attack hit Yahoo’s advertising server over the last few days, affecting thousands of users in various countries, an Internet security firm said.

In a blog post, Fox-IT said Yahoo’s […]

Cyber Security

Five Hottest Sectors for Startups

With technology fi nding new ways to sneak into our lives every single day, it is little wonder that the sector has thrived and has been dishing out healthy returns […]

Cloud Computing

Seed investment

The information is stored and processed on computers ‘in the cloud’ or the web instead of local servers. This data can then be remotely accessed through a personal computer, […]

Single-Brand Ecommerce

Creating your own brand of products in one category like jewellery or fashion and using the online channel to retail the products

Seed investment
Up to Rs.10 crore
Market size
ecommerce market size to […]

Ecommerce Logistics

Companies provide last-mile delivery support to online ventures. Some portals take orders for offline retailers and handle deliveries as well

Seed investment
Rs.3-15 lakh
(For single city setup)

Market size
Logistics market size in India […]

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