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Ad Spend in india to Increase 12% This Year to 611 billion

Advertising expenditure (adex) in India is likely to increase by about 12% this year to touch Rs 61,100 crore, with television retaining its leadership status in an industry that closely tracks overall economic expansion and consumer expenditure in a specific geography.




Advertising revenue, which accounts for 0.38% of India’s gross domestic product (GDP), is likely to increase at a compounded annual growth rate of 12.6% to touch Rs 99,200 crore by 2021, according to IPG Mediabrands India, the media agency conglomerate that is part of the US-listed Interpublic Group.


India’s advertising spend-to-GDP ratio trails those in the developed economies, where domestic consumption has roughly a similar share in total economic output as it does in the South Asian nation. In the US, for example, long-term advertising spend has remained largely within a narrow band — between 1% and 2% of the GDP — according to a Bloomberg report that cited data from researcher DB5.

“Within the next decade, India will gallop to become one of the largest consumer markets in the world. Rising affluence, the ease of doing business, urbanisation, and enabling infrastructure will contribute to this status,” said the report put together by Magna Global, the media unit of IPG Mediabrands.


Besides traditional advertisers such as the FMCG and automobile industries, ecommerce, payment banks, telecoms services, financial technology, content distribution platforms, and the social sector will help drive growth.


The goods and services tax (GST), effective July 2017, may disrupt the adex in the short term, with the industry aligning its operations to the new tax structure.


Advertising spends on television continues to dominate the industry, with a market share of 41%, and it will increase by 10.3%: Advertising over the print medium is expected to grow by 5.7%. Television will still be the largest media in 2021, with a market share of 39%.


While digital advertising is expected to rise 28%, within digital, mobile advertising is driving spends, with a growth rate of 65.7%. Mobile is projected to overtake desktop by 2020.


The report estimates radio advertising to increase at 13%, and outdoor at 12% in 2017.

10 Successful step towards boosting Brand Awareness with Social Media Marketing

It can be inspiring to clearly define the value of social media for brand awareness. But one thing is certain, when used social media properly, it can be the most powerful marketing tool for your business.


Below are the 10 tips you must consider for increasing brand awareness with Social Media Marketing.


Social Media Marketing Company in Surat


Focusing on right channels

There are number of social media platforms and with time, more are coming up. However, it is practical that you recognize the right social media channels where you can discover most target users for your business. Using Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Google+ may serve for small to mid-sized brands. You must think of your budget and funds to manage the social media profiles of your business.

Get Visual

Getting your content noticed in the deafening world of social media needs attention-grabbing subject matter. That means use of lots of photos and video. Gripping the attention of your target spectators is made all the easier when you assign images to your updates, irrespective of the platform. You can just scan your own news feed on Facebook to grasp which posts and updates make you stop and takes your notice.


Use paid advertising

At the point of time, your business has got a stable foothold on top social media platforms, you can use paid advertising that can be supportive. There are a lot of brands that use advertising solutions presented by Facebook.


Blog Posts

It seems a bit “old-fashioned” to talk about brand awareness through social media, but many businesses and brands, especially service oriented are still struggling to make their content stick. Content only does its work when the right people see the right posts and shares, and many venders still struggle with this more than the content formation itself.


Try sponsoring a giveaway

This is another great way to make your brand popular through social media. You may offer tickets for a giveaway for every spectator who stocks a distinct Facebook post in your brand’s Facebook platform. There are many tools available to create such online events.


Interaction and involvement

Your posts and updates in social media profile of your business should not be omni steering in nature. Just answering queries and questions posted in the profile and determining issues of users does help in edifying a positive brand image in the long run. Sometimes use a few provocative posts and some with a sprint of humor to keep viewers interested and get more fans for your brand. Interesting posts that are adored by the audiences are more likely to be shared by them, which serve as one type of digital word of mouth promotion.


Involve individuals with mass appeal

It may sound easy but not happen in reality, but relating people with mass appeal in your social media platforms can help your business. From time to time, including popular non-competing brands also does the trick for you.


Balancing content in social media

It is a fact that most brands and businesses use social media to indorse and encourage products and upsurge revenue in the long run, the content must be presented in a composed way. It is not recommended to make all posts in your brand’s Facebook profile violently promotional. Along with a fair bit of promotional posts, you may put in a few posts offering visions about the shades of the brand like its history and its inside story.


Giving adequate means to stimulate the buyers

Social media is being eyed by millions of brands nowadays and every business is trying to charm attention of the buyers. So, how do you make sure your brand stands out among competitors and mediocrity? To certify more people become interested in your brand and its products, give them enough reasons to feel excited! Offering promotions, deals and time restricted bargains through social media websites is a great opportunity.


Track Everything is a must

Growing awareness of your business can only really be verified if you are measuring what matters. Many platforms will provide engagement statistics, for instance, Facebook Page Insights will show the likes and shares your content gets. In addition, consider using tracking links in your posts and updates, using a URL shortener such will show you the number of click-through on those links. You must also take a look at your web analytic, too, to see which platforms and other websites provide the most referral traffic. Using these insights, you can learn what works for your business and what doesn’t, and retort with suitable action to continually optimize your approach.

5 Reasons Why You Need Digital Marketing ?

Having a strong web presence is even more important if you are running a business. The need for making yourself available is a must if you want to make it big .The maximum visibility on the internet can bring you visitors which can be converted into customers. The various reasons why you cannot neglect digital marketing are listed below.


1. Branding

Branding, of course, is the big factor to increase your visibility through digital marketing. Businesses that initiate online campaigns are capable of positioning their brands higher up on search engines, appear more professional to customers, and reach out to new markets while building a stronger brand image.

2. Opportunities

Most businesses use a combination of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, blogging, websites, and press releases to market on the Internet. These digital marketing activities gives an in-house or outsourced marketing team much more to work with than traditional billboard and news advertising.

3. Targeting

In Digtal Markeitng, Social Media is loved by all, There is no alternative of creating a stronger effect through social media presence. Spending maximum time on the social media has become the favourite endeavour of millions of people. The kind of market social media can give you is beyond imagination. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest , Linkdin, Instagram etc are the platforms which can be used to reach out to millions of your customer. Besides interacting with the new customers, it also helps you in spoting new customers.

4. Blog

Blog plays an important role in bringing more customers in digital marketing activity, Posting a blog on your website is an useful way of bringing more web traffic to your website. Blogging encourages visibility for your business online. It has become a practice for people to read blogs for needed information. It is very likely that people will come and read your business blog. If you have provided quality content, your readers will come back for more information. At the same time, blogging makes your business website searchable. Blogs can make our website dynamic. As you continually post fresh contents, search engine crawlers will look into your site often and index your site. More so, having regular blog posts is a cost-effective means of getting quality leads. It can create a community for your business. The shares & views of your blog will ultimately bring more customers to increase your sales.

5. ROI The return-on-investment in Digital marketing is incredible. For a few hundred bucks a month (from most firms), you can reach thousands of customers on social media, talk with industry leaders through blogs and Linkedin, and build up a stronger market base. Better yet, online marketing is easy to monitor. This allows you to see just how effective each of your online assets is.

Top 5 Tips for Effective Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has been so popular from the past 2-3 years. For any type of business, it has become an essential part of marketing activities whether it is going for a newspaper ad or Facebook ads. If you are thinking of a new business, you must opt digital marketing for two-way communication with your audience these days. Going with this way of marketing, you will save your time for other brand making activities. Being the Digital Marketing Expert, we are writing down the top 5 commandments you need to follow for making your business a famous brand name among the audience.


Deepit -Digital Marketing


  1. Zeal to Work
    First of all, we need to understand that every successful business demands dedication of the business owner and his team. You won’t be able to achieve your goals if you don’t have a passion for that. You should work in such a way that your employees or co-workers also get motivated for doing their jobs well.
  1. Proper Planning and Execution
    Instead of directly jumping into any activity, a proper planning should be done prior to that. Your plan of action should include the time and work management. You need to think of the time you need for basic preparation for starting the digital marketing and the further time period you need to manage the running campaigns. Also, you have to decide what you want to achieve and what would be your target areas.
  1. Stay Up-to-date
    For any business, there can be so many competitors who have already attained the attention of people for some specific products or services in the market. Hence, you need to study those competitions well in advance. Their marketing strategies, achievement statistics, and target audience research will be so valuable while making any decision for your digital marketing plan. There could be some less popular businesses too in this line of competitors. You should also have a look at their work. Even a minute action can result in better outputs.
  1. Unique and Creative
    People like fresh content every time. While doing digital marketing, you need to be so unique and creative that nobody could leave you in the race of competition. Adding innovative ideas in your work plan can be a boon for your business. Every time you need to come up with some fresh and the statement making content for your audience. You should have a deep knowledge of your target audience’s interests and current trends of the market. A business website is a must nowadays. Go for website design and development for representing your business as a brand name.
  1. Social Media Presence
    People are so active on social media these days. So, you should be there too for tapping your target audience. Whether it is the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other social media channel, you should maintain a good relationship with your existing clients or new customers there. Making your audience engaging with your social posts and other activities would help you becoming a popular entity which in return would increase your website traffic and the number of sales.

Why Good Content is Important for SEO

The success of website is known by the traffic it generates, and for generating high traffic, you required a good content for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The ‘O’ in SEO stands for optimization – and optimizing your website’s content is key to attracting potential customers to your site.





Search engine spiders are out there crawling the internet – looking for content that’s relevant. For search engines like Google and Bing, the goal is to provide the most relevant results for any given search query. As the search algorithms change and adapt to the newest SEO tricks, and as the tricks adapt to the new algorithms, one thing will stay constant; good content is good content, and eventually it will get noticed.


Always keep in mind your target audience while you draft your content for SEO, addressing the audiences at once is the art of SEO. The following points should be kept in mind for relevant content for SEO:


  • Importance of your web copy.
  • Write for your visitor not majorly for SEO.
  • Don’t forget the keywords.
  • Keep your content fresh-your visitors will loves them and so Search Engines.
  • Edit the long story in short without losing its main essence.
  • Usage of “call-to-action button” like buy now, contacts us or subscribe now.
  • Anticipating your customers’ needs, and writing a message that engages with them increases your chance of an enquiry or sale.
  • Don’t perform SEO without even checking out the competition.

The search engine algorithms are putting more and more emphasis on the relevancy of the written content of your website. If a website contains lots of good content that talks about your search keywords, it is going to be rated higher.


The more keywords-centric content you have, the better is your chance of getting a higher ranking once a search is conducted by your prospective customer or client. And writing a good relevant content material for your search engine than your search just stops at

8 Popular Social Media Platforms

Social Media networking feels like it has been around for a lot longer than it has. In fact, it was less than a decade ago that it really hit its stride. Seems unbelievable right? Take a look at the following networking sites and when they were launched.

Tagline: The go-to place to act professional without a business suit on.
Launched: December 2002.

Tagline: A place for Friends.
Launched: August 2003

Tagline: Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life.
Launched: 2004

Tagline: Share your videos with friends, family, and the world.
Launched: February 2005

Tagline: Connect with your friends – and other interesting people.
Launched: March 2006

Tagline: Visual discovery tool that you can use to find ideas for your projects and interests.
Launched: March 2010

Tagline: A simple way to capture and share the world’s moments.
Launched: October 2010

Tagline: Really get into what you love on Google+. Start exploring today.
Launched: June 2011


With so many platforms connecting people from all over the world, we think social media is one of the best resources to have to hand when it comes to bolstering relationships with your customers, clients and audience. With social media, you can let people have a peek into your world. They can see how the business is run, who the employees are, keep up to date with the happenings of the business, but more importantly, it can drive traffic, boost sales and make your brand visible.

At Deep Technologies we help businesses achieve this by building their social community, expanding their reach, engaging with the target audience and promoting their services. We call this Social Media Optimization.

Here are just some of the services our Digital Marketing team can offer:

  • Managing your brand
  • Spread brand exposure
  • Implement Facebook and Twitter promotions and competitions
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Targeting your audience

Social media optimization can take your business to the next level and enhance your ROI. By increasing your presence in the market, you are inviting your customers to remember you when they need you most.

Quick and Easy Way To Promote Your Online Business and make money

Some necessary points are required to be kept in mind if you have decided to run an online business. Running an online business is not simple like running an ordinary business as there is not direct contact between the Businessman and their client. Certain simple and sober steps should be undertaken to enhance your business on the internet.

Online Digital Marketing

  • Making business socialized:

As there is a great craze of social networking in the society, we must grab this opportunity by putting advertisements on such social networks; like Twitter, Facebook, Google plus and many more. This Mindy step will be proving very much helpful in our business marketing.

  • Promoting through a Search Engine:

Search Engines are playing a vital role in promoting activity now days. Using the best Search Engine is advisable. This by provide us the targeted & efficient visitor. Recently Google is one of the top Search Engine Marketing Site.

  • Advertising through CPM:

It is a cheaper way to advertise a business by just creating an attractive banner and then marketing it on the World Wide Web. As a result of it we are able to advertise to millions of people at a time. Even time is saved along with our money.

  • Advertising through PPC:

Another good way of advertising a business is PPC (Pay per click). It will enable us to generate a potential lead. Under this method we have to pay only if a visitor visit at our site, even the charges are also reasonable.

  • Taking help of Affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing is the primary option in terms of online business directory. There are various affiliate networks available to go through, paying for the completion of any particular action, or on sale will also enable us probable customer or say leads.

  • Blogging:

As in the way to promote our site we are required to promote blogs on our website so that the leads are even able to obtain certain information from that. Effective blogging may be proved to increase our fans also.

  • Marketing through Online community:

Marketing our business with the help of forum is an intelligent idea; we are even able share our views to others and if our posts are better then we may be on top from other businesses in that similar forum.

  • E-mail promotion:

As the increase in the use of the internet you can even promote your business through the e-mails. But we firstly need a list of actual mail users.

  • Promotion by video sharing sites:

One of the fastest ways of Marketing is through the video sharing site. There are lists of such sites which allow promotions at no cost. This may also be tried for elaborating our business.

Benefits of Social Media for your Business

If we say that a well-planned social media strategy plays a key role in the promotion of a small or medium sized business then it would not be wrong. Social signals today are becoming an integral part of search engine optimization. Whether you have an online or offline business if you are taking part in social-media campaign actively then nobody can stop you.




Let us see the benefits of social media for your business.


Web-based applications and mobile technologies are increasingly used today in order to convert communication into interactive dialogue. It can be between organizations, communities and even an individual. This concept forms the basis of social-media.


Organizations as well as individuals are taking the help of Internet for promoting their business to millions of people all over the world. There is a drastic change in thinking of people at least in the youths of urban cities. They are spending more time on Internet so the focus is shifting from traditional advertising (Print, media, Television, etc) towards online advertising. An example of online advertising is the ads coming in between the YouTube videos & Facebook.


There are some tangible benefits of social-media marketing. They are getting exposure, online traffic and gaining market insights. One thing which is a must in social-media marketing is getting a landing page along with a blog. With the updated content of the blog you get traffic from search engine. It also helps in getting more social-media share. In case you are a business owner but still not using the sites like Facebook, Google plus, Twitter, LinkedIn to grow your business social media presence then certainly missing a lot of things.


Idea behind using this methodology is to take users to your company business page so that people can buy your services and products.


Social media keeps your prospects engage means it allows you to get personal with your customers. By asking their opinions about a particular service you can make your users more satisfied. In this way you can promote your business.


With social media you can share videos and photos about your business offerings. Just upload the photos of the charities you have done and see how popular your brand becomes. Since the end goal of promoting any product or service over various social-media channels is the conversion into sales that is why when you interact with your customers it creates an interest in them.


Reputation is a big thing for a brand. It is not built in a day or two but it takes years in building a brand. Businesses invest thousands of dollars in their brand’s reputation management. They hire dedicated professionals who track the emotions of people in their comments. With the help of social-media you can easily address the rumors which could have destroyed the image of the brand.


You can also use your Facebook page as an announcement channel for your product. In this way you can keep your followers updated about what is the latest offering from your side.


Social media can also be used for market research. You can allow people to write reviews about your products. On the other hand you can conduct the surveys. You can watch the actions of your competitors so that modifications can be done in the launched product.


The greatest advantage with social media is that it is inexpensive as compared to other advertising tools like print, TV etc. It allows you to have better relations with your customers thus we can say effective social media presence decides the success of your brand in current scenario.

Five Major Reasons for an Online Social Media Promotion

Online social media in Surat become major tool for online business nowadays. People are not just connecting to social media for social uses nowadays there are using these for their business purposes also. Social media also offers various options for promoting online business. There are many reasons for an Online Social Media Promotion in Surat.


Social Media Marketing


  • Notice by Numerous Users:

These days many of us are online, some are connected for socialize, some are for purchases and some are for running business or are part of group or community. So this became one of major reason for an Online Social Media promotion in Surat. Being online will get you in front of your target audience/users and get you noticed regardless of your type of business. If you market yourself right and are consistent, you will get noticed by the people who are interested to you and your business.


  • Better Exposure:

Being present Social Media will provide exposure for your product, services or personal brand. You must also have website which is connected with social media for better exposure of an Online Social Media Promotion in Surat. Having a website is within your control. Post on your website and social platforms; valuable, relevant and shareable content that will expose your knowledge and expertise to your audience/users. Through your efforts, people will start to notice you and your brand.


  • You get easily found by potential customers:

These become most important reason for Online Social Media Promotion in Surat. If your potential customers are not able to easily find you then they are directly goes to your competitor. So it is very vital that your potential customers will easily find you. If you want to be found, get online and start creating a presence.


  • Find more opportunities:

Having an Online social media presence will makes you find several opportunities to connect you with huge audiences/users as well as business partners too. Constant communicate and interact with people, will help you to expand your business.


  • Building and Maintaining Relationship:

When building a business in local market, relationship become key factor for success of business in the same way it also become main reason for Online business. You can easily build and maintain relation via social media promotion.

Social Media Marketing Best Practices for Your Small Business

Social media marketing best practices can change as rapidly as the social media platforms themselves. New networks are constantly joining the game, and the existing social media continually change their algorithms and their interfaces to adapt to an evolving user base. It can be hard to keep up, but don’t worry; we’ve compiled a few do’s and don’ts to help you optimize your social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing


  • Use visuals. Let’s face it: People scroll mindlessly through the Internet until something catches their eye. Be the flickering light that garners their attention. Not a very visual company? No problem. Try turning stats into infographics or creating case studies as a downloadable PDFs. And don’t forget about stock images. Got a document you want to share on social media? Spice it up with an image that you can buy royalty-free from a place like iStock, Shutterstock, Fotolia or others.


  • Be authentic. People can smell a desperate salesperson from a mile away. Inform and share rather than using social to sell, sell, sell. Use human language and communicate genuinely with your audience about topics they’re interested in. And don’t take yourself too seriously! Social media is a social outlet, after all. It should be fun and engaging.


  • Schedule strategically. When is your audience online? When are they most likely to engage? Your content could be spectacular, but if nobody’s seeing it, you’re wasting efforts. Social media posts tend to get the most traction when sent in the morning, at the beginning of the work day, and right after lunch, when people are facing those mid-afternoon doldrums. But your audience may be slightly different, so experiment and watch your user engagement to see when you’re getting the most response and viewers.


  • Offer value.Give your audience useful content, tools, stats and guidance for their field. Establish yourself as a leader in your field, and share your knowledge freely. Deals, discounts and coupons are nice, but can also be seen as promotional material, so don’t rely solely on those items. For example, let’s say you’re a jewelry business. Instead of posting about how great your necklaces are, try putting together an article about top spring style trends, with practical advice for pairing jewelry with the hot looks of the day. If you can sneak in an example or two from your collection, great, but don’t make it all about you; make it about them.


  • Encourage user-generated content. Get your audience involved in the nourishment of your brand by hosting contests and active participation opportunities like “Caption this” or “Who can recreate our logo with the weirdest objects?” Not only does this help you save time by  outsourcing your content creation, but it generates brand affinity and boosts fan engagement.




  • Bombard your audience. This is the fastest way to ensure someone will unfollow or unlike your page. Posting two to three times a day is okay, but mix up your content and make it relevant to your audience. If you incessantly post irrelevant, repetitive content, people will tune you out.
  • Forget to spell-check. Clean copy and tight grammar matter. Sloppy writing reflects poorly on your brand. Attention to detail projects an air of professionalism.


  • Ignore your audience. If someone posts a question or complaint on your profile, address it ASAP and don’t delete the content. This shows your current and potential customers that your brand is both responsive, respectful, and transparent. If the comment is negative, you have an opportunity to show how you address an unhappy customer. Often, online complainers just want to be heard. If you can show that you’re listening, and you care, that goes a long way toward demonstrating your customer service priorities.


  • Be a one-way street. Interact with your followers and other brands. Ask and answer questions. Share relevant content from other leaders in your industry. Comment on posts and Tweets that mention your brand. Get involved in discussions about your field. We keep saying this: It’s social That extends to your interactions within your industry. Make it a conversation, not a dictation.

Tata Group Drafting New Branding Rules

Brand equity agreement being redrawn to reflect its universal nature of business


The $97-billion Tata Group has started work on an overhaul of its Brand Equity and Business Promotion (BEBP) agreement, an omnibus document that governs, among other things, which group companies use the Tata name and how, and how much royalty they pay for it. The agreement, drafted in 1996 and never revisited since, is being redrawn to reflect the ‘more universal’ nature of its business as 63% of revenues accrue from overseas. This includes multibillion dollar businesses Jaguar Land Rover, Corus Group and soda ash maker General Chemicals. “A number of brands in the Tata fold don’t carry the Tata name,” said Mukund Rajan, Tata Group’s brand custodian and chief ethics officer. Need to Streamline the Use of Tata Brand

“It is critical that more investors, consumers and stakeholders in international markets are aware of the history and heritage of the group,” Rajan said, confirming the revamp plan. Asked if this would entail global group companies such as JLR and Corus also paying royalty, Rajan declined comment saying such decisions are yet to be made.

Group firms that use the Tata name directly pay a royalty of 0.25% of respective revenues. Companies such as Titan that don’t use the Tata name directly pay less. “We have to streamline the way our companies use the Tata brand,” another official involved in the revamp of the BEBP said. “In the past, we have allowed Tata companies to use the Tata brand and other companies have not. Do we have sufficient clarity in our own minds on how we want to build the brand? It is still work in progress.”

Sources say that top group officials feel the international visibility of the Tata brand is not up to the mark. The group will also soon unfurl a major corporate campaign to build awareness among investors, consumers and stakeholders on ‘Brand Tata’ in its major overseas markets. “In some markets, Tata is known as a software company while in some markets as an automobile maker. Our last big brand campaign was done in 2004 and therefore it is critical to ensure that key stakeholders and influencers are aware of our heritage and legacy,” Rajan added. He is also the chairman of the Tata Council for Community Initiatives (TCCI).

The Tata Code of Conduct (TCoC), a part of the BEBP agreement, is also being reworked to make it more relevant in “certain jurisdictions” outside India. “We have to see whether it is potentially conflicting with local regulatory requirements. We want a code which resonates with regulations in different geographies,” the official said. Tata Sons, the holding company of the Tata group, owns the Tata brand and the Tata trademark registered in India and several other countries. Individual companies have signed the BEBP with Tata Sons.

“There are new entities absorbed into the group through acquisitions and it is essential that our investors and stakeholders across continents understand the history and heritage of the Tata Group, and understand why we do things in a certain way. As the business becomes bigger and we have a larger number of entities and people, the risk of something going wrong gets higher. We therefore need to have a sharper focus on measuring the impact of the systems that have currently been deployed,” Rajan added.

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