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9 Must Have Attributes of Ecommerce Mobile Applications

In the present scenario, consumers making purchases via smartphones is the new normal. Hence, Ecommerce businesses are investing in mobile apps to enhance buyer experience and retain loyal customers. Let us put a glance what are the essential features of a highly functional e-Commerce mobile app:


Ecommerce Mobile Apps Development Company

1. Ease of getting started

Make the registration process as simple as possible by keeping minimum possible mandatory information fields. Otherwise it may scare away your customers.


2. Smooth and clear navigation

Online retail store catalogues generally list numerous products for sale. So it is of utmost important that users can view and access each one of them without much hassle. Moreover, ensure that the CTA statements like ‘Add to Cart’ and others stand out and can be reached with less finger tap. Communicate your concerns to developers effectively to get the things right at first place.


3. Effective assimilation

Keep your app simple and intuitive for users to get accustomed to it faster. Cohesive user experience is important for generating more traffic to your site and higher conversion rate.


4. Maximum payment options

Make it a point to include as many payment options as possible to prevent potential buyers’ from leaving the app just because they don’t find their preferred option. Having multiple options is very important for achieving desired sales.


5. Visually appealing themes

Make your app attractive and interactive so that users remain glued to it. It is very important for user engagement and retention.


6. Infinite product limit

Give your customers more options to choose from so that they don’t have to seek elsewhere. Ask your developers to code in such a way that the app supports this feature.


7. Push notification service

This feature is indispensable for your app. You can inform your customers about new arrivals, seasonal sales, discount offers, etc. in a very customized manner. Ask your developers to integrate this feature with Analytics to derive maximum benefit out of it.


8. Incorporate Google Analytics

Know your buyers better by observing their behaviour on your app. Let the data speak. By analyzing the analytics you can make informed business decisions.


9. Privacy and security

Respect privacy of your users by giving them option to select the information they want to receive. Don’t just bombard them with fancy ads and redundant offers. Also keep their personal information secured and confidential. This would help you gain your customers’ trust and loyalty.


Investing in a mobile app is essential for e-Commerce businesses but getting the right features is of utmost importance to derive the best possible outcome. You can trust us with this responsibility for cost-effective and efficient mobile app development services.

Google Acquires Startup by Indian-origin Entrepreneur

As part of its plans to scale training offerings, Google has acquired Synergyse Training, a business technology start-up founded by an Indian-origin entrepreneur, the California-based search engine giant announced on Monday.


Toronto-based Synergyse that puts a virtual guide into Google Apps, training you to be productive and stay up to date with changes was founded by Varun Malhotra and his business partners.



“We’re happy to announce Synergyse will be joining Google, and we intend to make the product available as an integral part of the Google Apps offering later this year,“ Peter Scocimara, senior director, Google Apps Operations, said in a blog post.


“In 2013, we launched Synergyse Training, with a mission to teach the world how to use Google Apps. Synergyse Training for Google Apps puts a virtual guide into Google Apps, helping users get the most out of their Google Apps experience and training them to be more productive,“ Synergyse founders said in an official statement released on Monday.


“We’re proud to have served more than 4,000,000 people and 3,000 organizations globally,“ the statement added.


“By joining the Google Apps team, we can accelerate our mission because we will be working even closer with the teams that build Google Apps,“ the statement noted. With the new acquisition Synergyse Training for Google Apps will be free, enabling all Google Apps customers to take advantage of the solution, the company said.


Malhotra specialises in training and strategy and has over 10 years of experience in the enterprise space. Scocimara said Synergyse will be joining Google, and the company intends to make the product available as an integral part of the Google Apps offering later this year.


“By providing the right help at the right time, Synergyse will help our customers with the critical task of change management in the enterprise, and bolster the training and support programs we already offer today,“ he said.


With technology advancing by leaps and bounds, we can see that the use of smart-phones, android mobiles has increased to an extent. Now- a- days, every business has its mobile app that a user can download and easily use it as this saves the time of typing any website in the URL address bar. Mobile applications have made it easy for users to go through anything just with the tip of a touch. Business people provide various discount offers if mobile users make use of their mobile app.




This spurt in the use of smart-phone applications has in turn led to rise in demand for mobile application developers as well as Mobile Development Companies. Even though, IT sector in India is at developing stage, the usage of these apps is at peak. Life without these apps is almost unpredictable. Like as foreign countries, Indian citizens are also addicted to these as most of the people belong to service class who don’t have sufficient time to do certain tiny tasks. These tasks are easily accomplished by using mobile apps.


With a single touch, one can get the address of nearest ATM Branch, Hospital, eatery, restaurant and more. Ordering food items via Mobile apps and shopping online from the apps of various web stores saves a lot of time and energy. In order to gain a complete overview about the burning ball of 21st century i.e. Mobile Application Development, let’s have a look at current mobile technologies accessible in the IT industry.


The first and foremost technology is the idea of delivering business via mobile applications by developing various types of mobile compatible business applications. To develop a strong mobile application, it is necessary to utilize latest techniques and technologies. There are two main ways of providing various business solutions over mobile: 1) Mobile Web 2) Mobile Apps.


1) Mobile Web:

As we are aware, even a normal cell-phone has an inbuilt WAP browser. Many mobile users have access to internet and the number is yet increasing. Moreover, the mobile web browser functionality has improved and if we think about network connectivity then very soon with the arrival of 4G services, this restriction will soon be removed.


To make a website clearly visible and easily readable on mobile, business people prefer to get responsive websites developed from esteemed ecommerce Development Company. Different website versions especially for mobile view are also created with less content and images.


2) Mobile Apps:

These are software solutions directly to be downloaded either from Google Play store or respective website link. Also, some of them are in built according to the operating system. Mobile apps provide interactivity with the help of sensors like GPS. Currently, almost 90% of mobile apps market is covered by Google, Apple & RIM. The Windows Mobile System is replaced with Windows Phone 7 to make the operating system more user friendly.


Mobile applications can be developed on various platforms such as Java, C and C++, as per the preference. Once the app is developed, the main task that consumes time is app testing. Many application development firms grow their development resources by adjusting user interaction with different backend platform resources under any stage where the app acts effectively as an interface for Web application.


Looking deep into the world of mobile technologies, we can say that business can grow if it has a good feature enrich responsive easily downloadable business mobile app that can help people to get the tasks done on the go. Developing these apps is a work of an expert.


It’s never an end to a new thought. If you wish to let your customers carry your business on the go and are thinking to create a user friendly app, just get in touch with one of our developers, provide your needs and requirements and a Custom Mobile Application will be ready to serve you with esteemed clients.

Top Reasons for Businesses to Go for Android Application Development

Android apps have taken the world of information technology by a storm – these apps are practically everywhere starting from banking and shopping to news, blogging and event management. A whole lot of important operations today are carried out with the help of these apps. For almost every task that can be handled by a mobile device such as a tablet or a smartphone, there is an android app which is why businesses are hiring android developers in bulk. They can deploy these apps in order to bring their business on the OS platform of mobile devices that are being widely used today.




Statistics related to android application development tell a true and interesting story. The number of applications launched by Google is above 700,000. The popularity of Apple is mainly due to free apps constituting about 67% of the total of number of its apps on Google Play and not the paid ones which constitute about 32% of the same. Today more than 75 percent of the smartphones purchased by users have Android OS. About 1.3 million such devices are activated on a daily basis. In the current global market of tablets and smartphones, about 600 types of devices are powered by Android.

The above mentioned data explains the significance of Android in the digital world that we all live in today. Here are some valid reasons for businesses to deploy android apps:


Android Apps Can Be Customized

Customization is by far the greatest aspect of a mobile app – fortunately you can find this characteristic in android apps. People using these apps can customize them beyond the traditional limits. Deploying such apps allows companies to add a brand to their businesses. Also, this helps to improve user experience by making the applications more interactive.


A Multitude of Excellent Features in Android Apps

Choosing android application development for bringing your business on the platform of mobile devices gives you the opportunity to deploy feature-rich apps. While using an app for the first time, every user expects it to have a multitude of amazing features each of which can serve a different purpose. Features incorporated in Android apps mostly include task managers, email receiver and sender, and calendar.

How A Mobile App Is Good For Business Branding?

As you all know how important a website for every organization, firm and company is. It helps in consumers and potential customers to be in touch with what is happening inside them. But in today’s generation smartphones have really influenced our day to day life. So new way to be in touch with masses is to create an app and have it all in just one click. Having an app is really good for establishing name of your business. Let’s have a look on some factors.



Customer support and Branding

An app can make a customer’s experience friendly. It can help them to easily look up all your information under one hood. Sometimes, opening website takes lots of time due to traffic or slow internet, but an app, can do same thing with less data in no time. Customers can directly contact to customer support service and drop an e-mail about their query.


If you have an app, that does everything and have all the necessary features, then get ready for lot of consumers to hit your door. People today love an app. If customers are really getting help and buying your services, it will automatically create a mindset that your business is good and has a reputation, which directly means as a brand, you’re evolving and touching new limits.


Creating an app increases credibility and trust. People have their mind sets that if an organization has an app, they’re good at what they’re doing and probably growing well. People automatically create an image of the organization to be very user friendly which has great customer support.


Popularity and Brand value

Yes! Having an app increases your popularity by many folds. If you have an app, people would find it easy to interact with what you do, so they would recommend you to their friends and many people. So it is like a chain reaction. If your app has many downloads, then it can be on top on Google play or apple store which also plays an important part in popularity.


A website is a reflection to what you do; similarly, an app is a reflection to what your website is all about. Having an app is a great marketing strategy and branding committee. They make you popular among consumers, which directly affect the brand value you’re gaining.


You can also get feedback from customers and make your company better. They can easily tell the companies where they’re lacking in the app. Delivering services are also better when you have an app that takes care of it all.


In today’s time, you don’t need an app, you must have an app. Having a look on advantages, now you know how an app can help you building your brand. You should start a new business with making a website and also an app. It has now become a necessity to have an app to a website to make your business reputed. So when you’re making one?


Android One to Garner 'Likes' for Facebook

Even as Google prepares to pry open larger chunks of the Indian market with an array of cheap smartphones as part of its Android One programme, it will also willy-nilly help rival Facebook grow its India numbers.


Next Monday, Google is widely expected to launch a range of Android One smartphones, mostly priced under . 6,000 ($100). These have been ` developed in partnership with local mobile phone man ufacturers including Micro max, Karbonn and Spice.They are expected to be loaded with top-end features like dual core chip, 5 MP camera, 4.5 inch display .


But, as these cheap and powerful smartphones flood the market, Facebook will benefit as much as Google as new smartphone users will also log into the former’s popular social networking and messenger applications.


Facebook has 108 million users in India active monthly, of which 94 million access it on a mobile.


“A low-cost smartphone which allows a good user experience will accelerate adoption of Facebook,“ says Jessie Paul, CEO, Paul Writer Strategic Advisory , a marketing consultancy . “In fact, it could take Facebook’s access on mobile devices to 100% from about 93% at present.“


“We are now looking forward to one billion users in India. That is a different focus and challenge,“ Javier Olivan, vice-president, growth & analytics, Facebook, had told ET in a March interview. Google’s Android One will make the challenge easier.


Google, Facebook and much of the Internet companies ecosystem are often referred to as `frenemies’. They are friends in the sense that the success of any one company invariably yields spin-off benefits for others; enemies because all of them compete for the same users and online advertising dollars. Google’s Android One program will not only benefit Facebook, but the entire gamut of social networking companies including Twitter, Instagram etc, all of which will gain more smartphone users.


But Facebook could gain more than others, since it has the largest user base in India. CEO Mark Zuckerberg has crafted a mobile first strategy for Facebook and has publicly admitted the company’s biggest mistake was “we burned two years not working on mobile.” “Every service will benefit, be it Facebook, Whatsapp or Skype,” says Katyayan Gupta, analyst, eBusiness & Channel strategy, Forrester Research.


Google and Facebook declined to comment on this story.


Android One is tipped to be a game changer in the smartphone market, delivering a better experience to users. “Lowcost Android smartphones have poor touch screen, poor camera and poor memory. This impacts user experience be it Facebook or Google docs,” says Forrester’s Gupta.

New Amazing Android App launched by for Shenoa


Tablet Mkt to Grow 38%

Tablet Mkt to Grow 38%

Tablet Mkt to Grow 38%

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Over 80% of Users to Shop on Mobile in Next 12 Months

Mobile ad network InMobi said research showed that a greater number of people plan to buy through mobile devices next year. The survey, conducted with re-search partners Decision Fuel and OnDevice Research, showed that 83% of the 14,000 respondents are expected to spend money on an activity via mobile in the next 12 months, a 15% increase from the current  level.

The Singapore-based company also said mobile advertising has about the same effect as that of television advertising.

“With mobile content gaining similar prominence as TV, mobile  advertising is now impacting consumer behavior across the entire purchasing lifecycle from small day-to-day purchases, to bigger purchases like cars,” said Naveen Tewari, CEO of InMobi, which counts Google and Facebook as its competitors.

Sixty eight percent of those surveyed had gone beyond purchasing digital products to buy physical and financial goods and about 43% have called advertisers by clicking on the phone number in the ad, the company said.

The Softbank-backed company, which has users across 165 countries, recently said its outreach of 749 million monthly users was second only to Facebook. It has released two products in the space of over twenty days- a native ads platform and an interactive video platform.

“Use of location tools, targeted mobile advertising, and responsive websites can drive consumer traffic and dramatically increase sales,” the company said in a statement.

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