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Must Avoid Business Website Mistakes

The presentation of any website is very important, that’s a major factor in holding the attention of your visitors and making sales. The look of your site is important, because […]

Why Business Websites Fail and Few Solutions for a Successful Website

Website connects millions of people. We can share endless amount of information with the help of websites. The person behind the first website is supposed to be Tim Berners-Lee who […]

For the Phone, the Future is Big

Phone makers turn to bigger screens in a departure from past

Brian X Chen
Smartphones are going against one of the long-held rules in portable electronics, that smaller is better. Year […]

Bringing Service Apartments to Your Online Doorstep

Hot Startup
Scrappy Ventures
Startup helps customers find and book service apartments in nine cities

It took just a month-long trip with the attendant hassles of finding affordable and safe accommodation to trigger […]

Web Will Invade Everything

Pretty soon, all new TVs will have smart features and web-connected interfaces. To make sure that owners of ‘dumb’ TVs don’t feel left out, some innovative products have been launched. […]

Dropbox Sets Sights on Corporates

Cloud storage startup ties up with & Dell for a bigger biz push; plans to expand base in India over next 2-3 years


Dropbox weathered […]

IBM Bets On Cloud, Biz Partners to Log on to Small Enterprises

International Business Machines (IBM) is betting on its recent cloud-computing acquisition Softlayer and in-house multi-billion-dollar financing muscle to crack the market for technology services among small- and medium- enterprises in […]

How Online Marketplaces Are Empowering Small And Home Businesses

For nearly 25 years, Dinesh Chopra lived with a locational handicap. Chopra sells computer parts, electronic gadgets and accessories from his outlet in Nehru Place—an assembly of several four-storey buildings. […]

E-com Opportunity: India Vs BRIC Nations

Popular Categories of e-Shopping in BRICS

Apparel,  Accessories,  Electronics, Personal Care,  Books, Home  Appliances,  Cosmetics, Shoes  & Bags


100 Million Opportunity

100 Million Opportunity
In November, the active Internet base of India crossed 100 million subscribers. What does this number mean for businesses that can ride on this? Shelley Singh breaks it […]

Rise of Indian Social Media Entrepreneurs

Booming social media prompts organisations to seek help from Indian entrepreneurs to transform virtually every part of their business operations, writes Peerzada Abrar

Last year, Amit Agrawal, a Jaipur-based consultant, bought […]

Web Firms Test Internet's Readiness for Future

Web companies including Google, Facebook and Akamai are joining forces on Wednesday to test the Internet’s readiness for a future in which billions more people and devices will […]

New IT Rules Have Internet Industry in a Bind

The Government’s new rules forgoverning user-generated content on websites are evoking the ire of internet community in India and chiefly from the […]

It cos may trim frills to stay Competitive in tough times


Source : ” The Economic Times” 05 February 2008

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